What to Expect When You Visit Tonbridge Chiropractors

Your Initial Visit Will Include:

•   A private consultation with a Doctor of Chiropractic
•   A thorough joint/spine examination including orthopaedic and neurological tests
•   A confidential report of our findings
•   An explanation of our treatment procedure if we determine that Chiropractic is suitable for you
•   A referral to the appropriate specialist or other therapist if we determine that Chiropractic cannot help you

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Our chiropractors are committed to treating and improving your condition and getting you feeling better as quickly as possible. The number of treatments you need will depend on several factors.  There are no quick fixes and it is pointless to simply ‘patch you up’. That’s why we look for the ‘cause’ of that pain.

“We treat the cause not the symptoms”

Treating the cause should in itself trigger a healing process. Your chiropractor may recommend that your condition would be better treated as part of a Treatment Programme. We have found that the average patient is treated over about a 3 month period and many of those patients are recommended an occasional ‘check up’ to maintain their improvement.

The number of visits you will need will vary depending on the original injury or problem that you are experiencing. The cause of you pain is may be corrected in a couple of treatments, however, it may take 12 or more visits. Your chiropractor will explain to you in detail what is required for your specific condition and problem. If you need more treatments you will be re-examined and monitored to ensure that are improving properly.

What Is The Treatment?

Our chiropractors may use various chiropractic techniques as part of your treatment. Manipulation,  also referred to as spinal adjustment, is the main skill that our chiropractors apply. During this form of treatment you’ll often here little clicks.

Our chiropractors also carry out soft tissue work, core training & stretching and offer postural advice. The treatment applied will be based on your age and health.

We also consider your home and work environment, activities and hobbies, anything that could be affecting your health status.

Not Sure if the Team at Tonbridge Chiropractors can help you?

If you are not sure that the team can help you then you can arrange to come in and have a "chat" with one our experienced chiropractors. It's completely free and there is absolutely no obligation on you to be treated by us. The service is there to help you decide whether you believe we can help you. If, when we meet, we don't believe we can improve your condition then we'll tell you. Give us a call!

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