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Should I see a chiropractor?

So 2 years ago I had an injury where I was playing rugby and someone fell on my right leg push the knee inwards where it dislocated and relocated creating a load popping noise and causing my bones to smash together when going back in place, this inflamed my cartilage on both sides of my […]

Hiatus hernia

Hello Chris I am a 60 year old lady with diagnosed hiatus hernia for around 5 years now. I am interested in working to overcome this by holistic means and the help of a chiropractor is this possible at my age and is there chiropractics or holistic help that I can get in touch with […]

Cracking your back

Is it good to crack your back all the time by yourself Probably not…..

Back pain

Hi, my name is Esther. I am 17 yrs old. A few years back I struggled with back pain and was given Co-codamol to help relieve the pain. Recently after I started working (I stand a lot) I began to feel this lower back pain again and have to sleep on the floor to relieve […]


My little baby appears to have a flattened head, I would like to explore alternatives to helping him. I have tried a few things already, g.p said it is not flat head syndrome. I on the other hand am not convinced. The earlier the better he is seen do you treat or deal with this […]

Back pain

Hi I have a mild sciatica problem caused by a bulging disc, recently I have returned from a 2 week holiday, of which the 2nd week I have had excruciating pain with difficulty sitting and standing. Is this related and is it something you can treat? Hi, sorry to hear about your pain on holiday! […]

Hiatus hernia

Hi I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with a 2cm hiatus hernia at Christmas. I have been on Ppi’s for 5 months but have been off them for 10 weeks now. I am convinced that my hernia was caused by an exercise manoeuvre that I made which left me in pain […]

Neck pain

I am a 16 year old baseball player, and I have a tournament this weekend. I played two games today already, and the only game left is tomorrow. On the ride home from today’s games, i fell asleep in the car and woke up with a crick in my neck. It wasn’t too bad of […]

MRI after whiplash

I was recently in a minor rear-end accident where I got whiplash. This injury is of extra concern to me since I already have 4 bulged discs in my Cervical and Upper Thoracic spine (C5-6, T2-4). I have extra pain following the accident in my upper back, so am pushing to get an MRI. My […]

Full spine or specific areas

Hi, I am looking for a chiropractor who carries out a full body assessment and correct any areas where there are issues. Do you check the full body and adjust where necessary or do you only check/adjust areas relating to patients issues. Many thanks Hello, Good question! I examine and treat the areas that are […]

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