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TMJD treatment?

Hello, I suffer with teeth grinding and have TMJ dysfunction. I end up with a stiff jaw stiff neck and stiff shoulders every morning when I wake up and throughout the day. Can you do anything to help with that? I also have a sprained ankle which isn’t sorting itself out and tendinitis in the […]

terrible pain in my right side of the gluteus

Dear Kris! I am in trouble and don’t know if in your clinic you can help me. I went for a long walk and in the evening an still now I have this uncortable pain in my right gluteus, deep down near where coccyx is. its not the first time That this happen,though. I am […]

I think I might have sciatica :(

Hey, I’m 14 years old and I’ve been feeling pain shoot down my left leg, usually my lower back clicks and stuff without me even trying and it never hurted until it stopped clicking and now all I feel is pain in my lower back going all the way down into my foot and my […]

Chair for Chronic Back Pain

Is it worth buying a chair if you have Chronic back pain? If so which type would you recommend. A good chair can make all the difference but you have to sit in it correctly otherwise the best chair in the world won’t do you any good! I recommend the Herman Miller ‘Aeron’ or ‘Mirra’ […]

Jaw treatment – swelling

I went to a chiro clinic for a jaw alignment issue yesterday. Received internal/external treatment to jaw (muscles?). Though I iced my jaw afterwards, my face is quite swollen today – should I be concerned ? Hello. Sorry you’re suffering after treatment! It’s probably nothing to worry about. Keep icing the area (no longer than […]

Pain in lower back – sciatica?

Hello, I’m 17 years old and for about two months now I’ve been having piercing pains in my lower back/ right leg regions. I was wondering If I should visit a chiropractor to treat it, or do I need surgery? Thanks! Hello, This sounds like the type of thing that chiropractors treat. The chiro that […]

Stiff neck and frequent headaches

I clicked my neck Yesterday – as I do a lot. But it was really painful and now my neck is stiff down the left side. I don’t have full movement in my neck and my head is tilted to the right side. Also I noticed that my shoulders are very unaligned as well. It […]

Chiropractic adjustment

Hi dr, I have a C1 out of alignment issue as said by my Chiro. However, the sessions are not helping. I’ve noticed that when he adjusts my neck, he does not hold the C1 as others I’ve seen around. He just grabs my head and cracks. Doesn’t he have to hold the Bone itself? […]

Pelvis rotation/injury

Hey there Kris, I’d really appreciate your feedback! I’m 28 years old (female) and have had problems with my pelvis area for the last few years – cause unknown. I haven’t yet seen a chiropractor but previous doctors have told me we are likely looking at a rotation in my pelvis. The symptoms became most […]

Back pain and numbness

Hi, i’m a 20 year old male and have had this problem for as long as i can truely remember, whenever i lay down or sit for an extended period of time whilst not adopt proper posture (sitting/laying with a semi curved back) i got numbness in the left side of my ribcage, ranging from […]

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