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Can I drink whilst have Upper Cervical Treatment!

I’ve recently started having Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Atlas Subluxation, which was causing severed tension headaches, and muscle pain for a few years. I’ve had two adjustment so far in the space of a week. Do I need to abstain from alcohol whilst I’m having this treatment? If you were my patient, I’d say it’s […]

Sway back

Been told I have sway back by physio. But also with choking sensation and breathing problems . Would chiropractic clinic help? Hello, Chiropractic may be able to help with the sway back but we are unlikely to be able to help with your choking sensation and the breathing problems. I suggest that you go and […]

anterior pelvic tilt

I have excessive apt I have decided to do a list of stretches suggested in the videos on youtube and other sources. my question is it safe to do cobra stretches along with other stretches and if i do these stretches twice a day how long does it take to see improvement. Hello, I’m afraid […]

Can a chiropractor help with back pain?

Every time I bend over to do something and I try to get back up its extremely painful and often I can’t stand up straight for a minuet. Occasionally I have to stand and press my back against the wall to be able to stand straight after I come back from bending over, can a […]

Back problem

I had breast cancer last year and it’s made my back problem worse can I get treatment I have a worn back and I’m suffering bad Hello, Sorry to hear about your predicament. You can get treatment at the clinic but, given your medical history, we’d need to make sure that it’s safe to treat […]

Pains I. Lower back neck shoulders legs knees

I been suffering pains for years in lower back Spine shoulder knees neck I do bus driving lots of the time I feel I can’t get up after sitting my knees hurt so much Hi, Sorry to read about your pains. Since I’ve not got a lot to go on with your description I suggest […]

Shoulder pain

Hi I was wondering if you let me know if I book an appointment for my shoulder pain will the treatment start on the same day of the initial visit. Just because i don’t many days off from work. And what is the price Sian Hello Sian, The only reason we wouldn’t start treatment on […]

Lower pack pain and headaches

Hiya. I have persistent lower back n pelvis pain. Sometimes it’s v painful getting up. I had severe spd when carrying my little girl (she’s nearly 2) but have always had pain in my back and also my neck which results in bad headaches. How much is a consultation please? Hello, Please give the clinic […]

knee pain

I’ve been having knee pain for 3 weeks after my new dog tripped me and my knee went sideways and into the wall. All my pain is on the inner side of my left knee. When I try to walk without my brace on it tries to give way. Is there something specific I can […]

Possible bursitis of the hip

I have been to physio for 7 months and had injections but nothing seems to be working would you be able to help reduce the pain and help me get rid of my walking sticks so far nothing is working Dealing with bursitis us usually a fairly straightforward procedure so I’m surprised that the treatment […]

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