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Hi, I’ve been under a podiatrist/Rheumatologist for over a year now. I’ve suffered predominantly with sore inflamed feet which the podiatrist felt was arthritis. After several X-rays, scans blood tests etc they have found i’m CRP positive but rheumatoid factor negative and they feel the feet are due to bursitis/mechanical issues more than arthritis . […]

Pains in my back

Hello my name is Chris and I am 15 I play a lot of sports and I have pains in my lower back also my ankles and knee am I too young to be treated or could I still get treatment now Hello Chris, You aren’t too young for chiropractic treatment. We treat all ages. […]


Is it normal to crack my back and neck at least 20 times every few hours? Not really. I advise my patients to try to not ‘crack’ (or automanipulate) their own spinal joints because the ones that you can crack yourself are probably moving too much already. Try to stop doing it! Kris

Plz help

I m suffering from cervical spondlosis for 2 years. Can chiropractic treatment help in this?? Plz do reply sir. Hello, Cervical spondylosis is wear and tear affecting the spine in the neck. Whilst we can’t treat the wear and tear, we can usually help with the aches, pains and stiffness that you get along with […]


I have treatment for my back every 6 to 8 weeks however my right jaw has been painful for the last 2 weeks. Doctors say this is tmj. Pain has subsidy however one side is still stuck. Can you help with this? Hello, we can certainly take a look at your TMJ problem to see […]

steroid injection

Hi there, I’ve had an MRI at BMI Blackheath hospital and they have told me that I have an annular fissure in my lower L5 S1. I have had as series of Physio appointments and one option that has been discussed is a steroid injection to reduce the high level of pain that I am […]

Can I drink whilst have Upper Cervical Treatment!

I’ve recently started having Upper Cervical Chiropractor for Atlas Subluxation, which was causing severed tension headaches, and muscle pain for a few years. I’ve had two adjustment so far in the space of a week. Do I need to abstain from alcohol whilst I’m having this treatment? If you were my patient, I’d say it’s […]

Sway back

Been told I have sway back by physio. But also with choking sensation and breathing problems . Would chiropractic clinic help? Hello, Chiropractic may be able to help with the sway back but we are unlikely to be able to help with your choking sensation and the breathing problems. I suggest that you go and […]

anterior pelvic tilt

I have excessive apt I have decided to do a list of stretches suggested in the videos on youtube and other sources. my question is it safe to do cobra stretches along with other stretches and if i do these stretches twice a day how long does it take to see improvement. Hello, I’m afraid […]

Can a chiropractor help with back pain?

Every time I bend over to do something and I try to get back up its extremely painful and often I can’t stand up straight for a minuet. Occasionally I have to stand and press my back against the wall to be able to stand straight after I come back from bending over, can a […]

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