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Please note that our phone lines are intermittently out of order. We apologise for this. If you can’t get through on the main number (01732) 304130 please ring 07986 364 703 or contact us by email ( Thank you.

Mandy and Kris have a combined total of 40 years of chiropractic experience between them.

All You Have To Lose Is Your Pain

If your life is currently being affected by pain or discomfort then our team of professional chiropractic doctors at the Tonbridge Chiropractor clinic are here for you. Our team are committed to treating and improving your condition and making sure you stay that way.

Tonbridge Chiropractic Clinic was opened in 2012.

The practice was founded by Mandy Lock and Kris Krumins. Mandy says of the practice “We are committed to treating and improving the conditions of all our patients. Our work is even more worthwhile with all the positive feedback we receive from our patients. The Tonbridge clinic continues to grow as a direct result of the high number of patients who come to us after a family member, friend or colleague has recommended the practice to them.

The Team & What We Treat

We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. These include back, neck, joint, nerve and muscle related problems.

People Travel From All Over To Visit The Clinic

Patients travel from all over West Kent, to receive the highest level of treatment and care, at the Tonbridge Chiropractor .

Mandy says “We see patients with various conditions every day who come from diverse backgrounds. They travel from many of the surrounding areas of Kent to visit the clinic such as Tunbridge Wells, Pembury, Lamberhurst, Sevenoaks, Goudhurst, Cranbrook, Staplehurst, Marden, Coxheath and Maidstone.”

Success Breeds Success – Satellite Clinics

The Tonbridge Chiropractor clinic was opened as a satellite clinic following the popularity of the Bexleyheath Chiropractic Clinic which opened in 1995.

Not Sure if our team at the Tonbridge Chiropractor clinic can help you?

You may be unsure about whether our team can help you. If this is the case then you can arrange to come in and have a "chat" with one our experienced chiropractors. We offer this time so that you can decide whether we can help you. If, when we meet, we don't believe we can improve your condition then we'll tell you. It's completely free and there is absolutely no obligation to be treated by us. Simply call us to arrange a time to chat with one of our chiropractors.

Mandy Lock Bsc DC and the team at Tonbridge Chiropractor
Dedicated to improving the health of people in Tonbridge
and surrounding areas in West Kent